With the Apple keynote fast approaching the almost traditional iPhone rumours have already started leaking around the web. Eager iPhone fans are all getting ready to start camping out at their local Apple store to get ready for the latest release. So to help all you iPhone fans out there here's a roundup of the latest iPhone 6 rumours.

Get ready it's really coming

Mark Gurman of the dedicated Apple news site 9to5Mac announced in late July that Apple was tentatively planning a keynote address in September. 9To5Mac where keen to stress that this was tentative but recent rumours of an early September announcement seem to be looking more valid with some supposedly leaked images of the iPhone 6 on the French technology blog Nowhere Else.


The image shows a Tuesday September 9th date which could be a not so subtle hint about an announcement date.


There's bigger apples in the orchard

This has been a long running rumour about the iPhone 6 with one of the earliest reports being in  The Wall Street Journal in January of this year. They  reported that Apple is planning to produce two versions of the iPhone 6 one with a 4 and half inch display and another larger model.

These rumours got a further boost when images of a supposed iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch display and a larger model with a 5.5 inch display leaked online. The images which first originated on BestTechInfo identify the larger model as the “iPhone 6L” although the validity of these images can't be verified it a larger iPhone model is looking more likely.


It's the iPhone 6

This might seem like an obverse one after all before the iPhone 5S we had the iPhone 5 so it may not come as a surprise that it's looking likely that the iPhone 6 will just humbly be called the iPhone 6.

However with the possible introduction of a larger model iPhone at launch we could be seeing an alternative iPhone 6 leading to some confusion over what the device will be called. The images leaked by BestTechInfo also dubbed this larger model the 6L and other rumours have labelled it the iPhone 6 Air linking it to the latest Apple iPad.


What will it look like?

A black or white rectangle is the safest bet and the supposed photograph from Nowhere Else if legit does confirm this. However the latest iPhone models like the 5C did add more variety to the traditional iPhone designs. So could we see a more colourful iPhone 6 at launch or will we have to wait for an iPhone 6C?

The images leaked by BestTechInfo show a silver case but this could well be an image of the case before paint is applied, and this is assuming the image is legit in the first place. So for now it's best not get your hopes up for a United Jack iPhone design.


It's indestructible

Well not really but if this rumour is true then your new iPhone will be a lot stronger than its predecessors. If you've paid any attention to the iPhone 6 rumour mill the name Sapphire Glass probably caught your eye. Sapphire Glass takes its name from the gemstone from which it's created and is a synthetic creation. It’s extremely strong and durable and highly resistant to general wear and tear.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed back in January that a new manufacturing plant built in Mesa, Ariz was constructed to produce Sapphire Glass so it seems likely that the material will be a feature on the iPhone 6.

Exactly how much of a feature it will be is highly debatable rumours go from the iPhone 6's camera sensor and touch ID (home button) being made of it, like its elder brother the iPhone 5S to rumours that whole screen will be made from it. 


If this is true then the iPhone 6 would be the first iPhone since the iPhone 4S to not feature a screen made from Gorilla Glass. This might not seem like such a massive change at first but a video posted on Youtube in early July by well-known technology reviewer Marques Brownlee showed what is apparently an iPhone 6 Sapphire Glass display.

The video clearly showcases the durability of Sapphire Glass and if the iPhone 6 does indeed feature a Sapphire Glass display then it would almost certainly give Apple the edge over its competitors.


Counting the days

Well that's the majority of the rumours so far unfortunately it doesn't look like Apple have added a  portable laser or even that ability to teleport us from place to place yet. Until the announcement we'll be counting the days to the big reveal and no doubt keeping an eye out for more rumours crazy or otherwise.